Three Poems by Nina Kamooei


i imagine the rouge rivers
coming out of me
to be drizzled on you

really deeply love every single one of your
draggings across splintery belows
until my back bleeds

the others do not see your craters,
but the asymptote has followed and
will follow you, forever approaching
the truth

a random walk through probabilities
of past errors yielded ducks
still sitting on roofs in spring

i fatwa you
back into the bottle you came from

it is Impossible baba exclaimed
it is Impossible that you could be this stupid
and then some
more of some exactitude

i will be your uncle with the naked

rest has gone WOOF: a litter of dogs

i’ll take a cup of glottal please
and an insurrection against all of the yous
hand-in-hand with the Imam who looks so
cuddle with me


Hearing a low hymn from a
far-side curating person
it is yours, earned

Antennas They don’t have
Lassy eyes full of won’t
can a giving away be

forever unwurling

I let you, be a corner
in winds of curves of
Horse d’oeuvres

I more than that, squashed you
into a marry-round-lucky-
inside-hollow man-a-kin

Will it be whatever it be
when asking a hack
angry cane might answer

I lowered into prisms myself
that are kunterbunt reflection
of you when it was me


first tossing those limbs
as if in a bunker loaded with spectral sweat
now you cannot be moved
in me

even by my guffing
and awing trilling
for ancestry i want
be made away

the uterus pains
look at in-a-rush clouds outside

whipped froth being one of four constants when
my permanence was

i been loosened

i believe in two birds and two elephants
and two alligators

also believe in breathing through the nose
despite polyps

was i more or less filled with belief before?
or an elektro mouse rotten to the core?

at least i see nothing brimly filled

creating geography

with you,
my love

Nina Kamooei lives in Berlin, Germany, where she is raising her daughter not far away from wild bulls. Nina studied Linguistics, Psychology, and European Literature. She speaks five languages more or less fluently. Currently, she is applying to jobs as a social worker at refugee camps.