Send your work with the subject “Submission” to

The theme of issue 4 is “ecstatic youth” – the sensory overload of childhood in america, or anywhere. Think about something like “Knoxville: Summer of 1915” or Jim Burden talking about Nebraska or Bronzini thinking of his Bronx childhood. Sense memories here are key: what the landscape, whether rural or metropolitan, looked and smelled like. The colors, tastes, sounds, and what they all felt like. Feeling is key. Narrative coherence not required. If you could send a woozy, wordy, drunken postcard to us, what would it say?

We are into work by writers of underheard/overlooked communities.

We like to be tricked and amazed. To be duped by language – what the fuck did I just read? Plot, setting, and characters are secondary. They’re nice when they work. But a batshit sentence packed with strange words is the thing.

The #1 thing is please avoid sending us boring work, no matter how tenderly crafted.

Sidestepping the sheer inanity of asking you to format your submission with headers, footers, page counts, word counts, et al:

just send us your work in any normal file format. Do not send us anything that’s been previously published, online or anywhere.

This should go without saying, but: Do not send us more stuff until you’ve heard back about your original submission.

We’ll consider one piece of up to 2,000 words, or three small pieces ~750 and under. We’ll look at 3 poems of a reasonable length. Cover letters are optional, but not discouraged. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged (let us know if, etc). Bribes are accepted. Writers should hear back within 3 months, but due to the necessities of life, reporting time may take longer. After 3 months, feel free to nudge us with a query.