{eastern tiger swallowtail} by Daniel Barnum

common across half the country in spring and summer. males less showy than females and smaller. front wings the big cat pattern, yellow dots in the bottoms’ black outline. stops its innately epileptic flight on a dead branch sticking out of the dam formed from garbage and organic matter at the breakwater that spans four fifths the creek’s total width. stays still and close enough … Continue reading {eastern tiger swallowtail} by Daniel Barnum

Skin by Ethan Bernard

Karen Putter felt so ill at ease she began tugging at the skin on the back of her hand till it gave way. Tomorrow was her makeup senior portrait she’d avoided the first time and she’d been prepping outfits in her room (blue sweater/black skirt, red blouse/blue jeans, etc.), before turning off the lights and collapsing on her bed. A heap of clothes littered the room. She stood and with scarcely an effort tore off a large swath of skin that had come undone on a hidden seam clear up to her shoulder—and her ears buzzed. continue reading…